• NETAVIS Observer 4.6 - OUT NOW!

    NETAVIS Observer 4.6 is now out in its second version 4.6.1! With an innovative set of seamlessly integrated iCAT video analytics enhancements and features as well as new video management features, this release offers new highlights in addition to all previous functionalities. Among them are the enhancement of the integrated Number Plate Recognition with simple list management, the Rule Administration and I/O Graphical Device Administration for easy integration and solving of many scenarios, iCAT Heat Maps enhancements for automatic data reset and normalization across all cameras and iCAT Video Analytics enhancements wich allow for improvements of People Counting and iCAT Traffic. Scroll down for more details! Read More
  • Observer Video Management

    NETAVIS Observer is the open and strong software platform for professional video management. NETAVIS Observer is highly compliant with CCTV- and IT-standards, has the best performance due to Linux-based technology and unrivaled adaptability to customer requirements. Available in its 4th generation, it provides a full set of functions for video surveillance projects. NETAVIS Observer is available in four editions ranging from small single-server installations with professional functionalities to complex and large installations with various integrations and optional server and client modules. NETAVIS iCATvideo analytics provides even more value for each and every video surveillance installation. With NETAVIS's optional own and third party iCAT modules perimeter security, people counting, number plate recognition and much more can be realised easily without extra software, extra hardware nor extra deployment.                                                                      Live Monitoring NETAVIS Observer has powerful live monitoring capabilities. These include support for an unlimited number of cameras, many static and dynamic view configurations, versatile Smart Guard round tours, bidirectional audio communication, digital zooming and PTZ control. Event Management NETAVIS Observer includes a versatile event and alarm management system. All events in the system are stored in a database for documentation and subsequent use. Alarm notifications can be propagated via e-mail, SMS, SNAP XML integration and I/O contacts and furthermore a programmable Event Management System is also available. Archive NETAVIS Observer supports permanent, event- and time-based recordings, including multiple different recording schedules for each camera. The archive enables fast search and playback of these recordings, separate motion detection in MJPEG recordings makes it easy to find situation of interest. Archive efficiency and storage management is included as well as the handy export in multiple formats. Graphical I/O Device Administration NETAVIS Observer allows you to easily add I/O contacts from a broad set of supported cameras and I/O devices, within the Observer user face. With most devices, adding them to a NETAVIS Observer system is as easy as selscting the model and entering its IP address, port, user, and password. Rule Administration  NETAVIS Observer enables the simple configuration of a range of actions which are triggered by specific events, for solving many video surveillance and video analytics scenarios. For example the permanent recording of cameras can be started once an alarm system is activated or a barrier can be opened upon the detection of certain number plates. The rule administration is an extensible system which will continue to cover more scenarios in the future.       Read More
  • NETAVIS Observer Summit

        Please find our report about the NETAVIS Observer Summit 2015 below. Information on the NETAVIS Observer Summit 2016 will follow shortly!   Video analytics is a trend in IP Video but for many end customers, the question is still: What are the benefits? We designed this year’s Observer Summit to explore this question together with our top partners in Europe and the Middle East. It was centred on three key themes:             Business Value delivered by IP Video                                               Video Analytics in Verticals       Partner Empowerment for Business In line with this year’s NETAVIS Observer Summit topic: “Business Value in Verticals”, NETAVIS and the event’s technology partners presented tangible solution scenarios for the verticals retail, traffic & transport, and public surveillance. Within the vertical Retail NETAVIS showed how valuable data about customers and their behavior in the shop is collected by means of video analytics – as added value to conventional loss prevention. But even more important, participants learned how this information can be presented and processed in a way that allows for vital conversion rate management and increased sales of the shops. Therefore, the NETAVIS Retail Dashboard and Digital Signage applications were shown and specific reference projects were discussed.  In the vertical Traffic & Transport, NETAVIS showed the integrated number plate recognition for European and Arabic plates that is running directly on the camera server from NETAVIS Observer 4.6 onwards. The simple and intelligent NPR list management optimizes processes at entrances and gates and more. The reliable solution for highways and motorways – iCAT Traffic - monitors traffic flow and issues alarms in case of wrong-way drivers. Reference projects in the fields of logistics and transport were available as well.  Related to Public Surveillance and critical infrastructure NETAVIS focused on large and complex installations, with the most important topics being IT compliance and integration. The user interface of NETAVIS Caberra process automation as well as Active Directory Support, event and alarms via SNMP and the integration of various physical security applications illustrated the technological know-how of NETAVIS in this vertical. Specific use cases of the NETAVIS Observer 4.6 highlights I/O Device Administration and Rule Administration and reference projects were presented as well. For further information regarding the content of the NETAVIS Observer Summit 2015, please see the following presentations:   Business Value in Verticals - Wolfgang Baumgartner, CEOObserver 4.6 and beyond - Hartmann SchleiferEDEKA Customer Case and IP-Video - André Hanekamp, Edeka LustfeldThe Mall - Video Analytics Award Winner 2015 - Thomas Tauscher, Kapsch BusinessCom AGiCAT Video Analytics in Verticals - Ákos ZólyomiValuable Content for your Business - Christoph Derndorfer, Stefanie RehrBusiness Value in Retail - Daniel Gasser, Relevance AnalyticsValuable Knowledge for your Business - Thomas RehbergerThe Future of Video Analytics - Csaba Beleznai, AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology    We would like to thank the various visitors for joining us for the NETAVIS Observer 2015, their keen interest and great conversations. A special thanks goes to our technology partners Canon, EMC² and Ingram Micro for the great cooperation. Our visitors got conviced by their products and innovative solutions at the technology show. Together, the NETAVIS Observer Summit 2015 was a huge success!      Canon uses its 70 years’ experience as a high quality lens manufacturer to develop network cameras which deliver exceptionalimage quality and capture best in class images in all light conditions. Canon’s network cameras are simple to install and are supported by an extensive warranty program.Customers, VMS partners and system integrators can find out more information about Canon’s network camera product range here. Please also see the corporate presentation for more specific information.     EMC Corporation is a global leader in enabling businesses and service providers to transform their operations and deliver IT as a service. Fundamental to this transformation is cloud computing. Through innovative products and services, EMC accelerates the journey to cloud computing, helping IT departments to store, manage, protect and analyze their most valuable asset – information – in a more agile, trusted and cost-efficient way. Additional information about EMC can be found here. Please also see the company and product presentations for more specific information.         Ingram Micro helps businesses realize the promise of technology. It delivers a full spectrum of global technology and supply chain services to businesses around the world. Deep expertise in technology solutions, mobility, cloud, and supply chain solutionsenables its business partners to operate efficiently and successfully in the markets they serve. Unrivaled agility, deep market insights and the trust and dependability that comes from decades of proven relationships, set Ingram Micro apart and ahead. Discover how Ingram Micro can help you realize the promise of technology. Please see the company presentation for more specific information.                  Read More
  • iCAT Video Analytics

      NETAVIS iCAT is the video analytics product line of NETAVIS. It summarises powerful own developments of NETAVIS Software and third party algorithms for special applications. The seamlessly integrated package of video analytics is distributed with every NETAVIS Observer.It can be activated anytime by license key. no extra serverno extra softwareno extra license Available with NETAVIS Observer from Basic to Enterprise editions it brings the world of professional video analytics to every video surveillance system ranging from small single-server to complex and large installations. With many optional iCAT Modules NETAVIS iCAT video analytics proves to be flexible and adaptable to customer needs. Here are some examples, how to apply NETAVIS iCAT video analytics modules:                                   PERIMETER SECURITY Perimeter security allows for the definition of restricted areas, where movements result in alarms to notify of a possible breach of security. An alarm can be triggered according to defined criteria. Moreover, it is also possible to define various iCAT definitions and schedule them. For example, it is possible to have different iCAT definitions for weekdays and weekends.     PEOPLE COUNTING Video streams can be analyzed to detect people and count them. This adds business value to existing camera systems by providing additional information which is particularly useful in retail applications.                          NUMBER PLATE RECOGNITION   NETAVIS solutions for number plate recognition in free-flow traffic or for slow and stopped vehicles provide automatic detection of license plates of over 60 countries. They can be combined with motion detection as well as integrated with external systems such as barriers or transponder chip solutions. Additionally, the simple NPR list management enables a broad set of applications, thus vehicle access management becomes remarkably easy. The results can also be used for planning and evaluation of marketing activities.       Read More
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