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NETAVIS Software GmbH is an expert in server-based IP video surveillance and introduced video analytics as an integrative part of the open platform five years ago. In about 10.000 installations, project sizes range from 1 to 15.000 cameras. Customers from various branches including retail, government, banking, transport, industry and many more, have been trusting in NETAVIS Software for over 10 years. Based on this vast experience on the market, NETAVIS recently developed sMart Data Warehouse for user-specific visualization, contextualization and further processing of security and business relevant information. NETAVIS offers its products exclusively through solution partners and distributors. 


About the evolution from analogue CCTV to IP video:

Compared to the decades of predominance of closed, analogue CCTV systems, the last 20 years have been marked by a rapid digital evolution of video surveillance. After an initially hesitant conversion to IP based solutions, physical security has long since moved into the IT departments. Furthermore, the increased deployment of video analytics radically improved the quality of video surveillance.

By now, video analytics also collects business data which vastly exceeds classical security topics and can generate important business value. In-Store-Analytics is becoming a standard application of video surveillance in retail, and also other industries are frequently using IP video for counting, classification and more.

NETAVIS Software has advanced this evolution in Europe and the Middle East. The open video management platform Observer with highest IT compliance has been continuously developed and the product iCAT represents decisive pioneer work in server based video analytics. The next logical step forward in IP-video for NETAVIS Software is sMart Data Warehouse. Remarkable contribution to success can only be derived from video analytics data, if it is provided as user-specifically tailored information to guide decision making and action. NETAVIS Observer, iCAT and sMart constitute the open platform for security and business, which can truly fulfill on the customers’ demand for added value through IP video now.