NETAVIS presents innovative solutions at AXIS Roadshow 2014

Bratislava, Brno, Praha, May 20.-22., 2014 – As in the past years, AXIS Roadshow presented latest developments of the AXIS Portfolio as well as integrations with video management and video analytics applications to hand selected partners of Slovakia and the Czech Republic. A short video clip provides some insight...

The Axis Communications Team SK/CZ invited NETAVIS Software to showcase seamlessly integrated video analytics NETAVIS iCAT. Lively discussions with interested guests made clear: intelligent video management and automatic processing of video analytics results provide real value for end customers. Especially modules like age group and gender estimation iCAT Face Detection and the number plate recognition and management solution NETAVIS CarReader hit the interest of the audience.

Some guests of the AXIS Roadshow took the opportunity to learn more about NETAVIS Software at the NETAVIS Sales Training in Praha with our distributor Variant Plus.

Special thanks to AXIS Communications for the excellent cooperation at AXIS Roadshow 2014 Czech Republic and Slovakia and an extra thank you to our local distributor Variant Plus for the professional organization of the NETAVIS Sales Training on May 27th, 2014. We are looking forward to more joint activities in these markets!