NETAVIS alarm depending on object size

In order to efficiently prevent theft, our customer EDEKA makes use of a very simple but specific configuration of NETAVIS iCAT video analytics. With this configuration, NETAVIS Observer only sends an alarm, when a person with a shopping cart leaves the store through the entrance area. As iCAT is already pre-installed in every NETAVIS Observer software, the iCAT video analytics module for the relevant camera is simply activated by licence key.

In the iCAT configuration for EDEKA, a directional line and a corresponding alarm were defined for the case that an object is coming out of the market and moving across this line (=Smart Tripwire). Additionally, the alarm was limited to objects exceeding a specific size.

NETAVIS iCAT video analytics defines the object size as the area of the object in pixels. In order to know what object sizes you want to filter, it is helpful to activate the object marker. That followed, observe a few objects passing the trigger line (=Smart Tripwire).

These markers show the size and speed of the object in pixels. On the right side you find an example of a person with activated object marker: the object ID is 10, the object size is 9110 pixels, speed is 208 pixels per second. You can then use these values in the corresponding configuration. This is also how the challenge at EDEKA was solved.

You can find our step by step instruction of this iCAT video analytics configuration in our NETAVIS Observer User Manual, chapter 15.3.4: Defining an event trigger for people and object counting (Smart Tripwire).

iCAT Tripwire