NETAVIS Software Assurance

There are many good reasons to cover an existing IP video installation with a software assurance:

Sometimes, a hardware component has to be exchanged and newer parts will demand for up-to-date operating systems, thus an Observer Software update is required. The use of latest camera models or the benefit of newly developed Observer video management and iCAT video analytics features could be other reasons for updating the software to its latest version.

The fix of security issues in the Linux operating system (such as the Shellshock bug fix a few month ago) also require software updates.

The NETAVIS Software Assurance Agreement entitles the customer to update an existing Observer system to the newest software version whenever necessary whilst the valid contract periode. These assurances are available for one, three and five years and for the cost of only a third of a regular single update.

This is why NETAVIS recommends the coverage of installations with software assurance and invites resellers and end customers to discuss contract extensions upon expiration. Please contact your partner manager for further inquiries.


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sMart Data Warehouse 5.1 - OUT NOW!

It is our pleasure to announce the latest release of Netavis sMart Data Warehouse! 

The newest update includes an improved missing data detection notification, the newly added Generic File Import Format documentation, and multiple bugfixes.

Netavis sMart Data Warehouse collects and stores data from diverse data sources, including iCAT Video Analytics, and transforms it into key performance indicators. At a glance, each user is provided with user-specifically tailored information for sound decision-making. All data can easily be compared and analyzed for deeper business intelligence. Flexible system operations and diverse customization options make sMart adaptable to various customer needs.

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