Dynamic View Control with Picture-in-Picture

The use of dynamic views triggered by iCAT and motion detection events will be significantly simplified by the addition of a new configĀ­uration menu in the upcoming NETAVIS Observer 4.5. This way it is easy and convenient, to customize Live Monitoring to the end customers specific needs.

Screenshot1  Screenshot2 


Special view control commands can be added to any of the iCAT triggers like motion detection (MD), object triggers, sabotage detection, etc. Once the iCAT trigger is activated, the associated control commands are executed. The easiest option would be to show the current camera automatically in the Online Monitor Window in case of iCAT or motion detection in the stream. Additionally, NETAVIS Observer provides much more elaborate options than this. Freely definable (multiple) camera-streams can be displayed on particular (multiple) client view ports of particular users or IP-Addresses. Such video analytics triggered view ports can shift from top left to bottom right as well as according to the first in, first out principle. 

PiP Screenshot

Combined with the dynamic view control feature, archive access within the Online Monitor view ports now allows operators to quickly view event-triggered recordings without having to switch to the archive. With these new Picture-in-Picture features they are able to keep an eye on live camera-streams while reviewing critical events.