Looping videos into NETAVIS Observer

Pre-recorded videos can easily be looped into NETAVIS Observer, where they are displayed and handled like a regular live stream.


Consequently, the videos are available in the camera view, and all NETAVIS Observer and iCAT Video Analytics
definitions, like Number Plate RecognitionPeople Counting or Object Detection can be used without limitations. 

This allows for convincing demonstrations at events and in meetings, particularly of features that are usually
difficult to show live (e.g. Number Plate Recognition). Pre-recorded videos in NETAVIS Observer also pose very
helpful in presales situations as well as for testing and trainings.

Looping videos is easily achieved by a combination of NETAVIS Observer and the software webcamXP
Please see our handy Cheat Sheet for step-by-step instructions.

All NETAVIS Cheat Sheets as well as further documentation is available in the documentation section
Pleas contact our support team for any further questions.



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