People and Object Counting with iCAT

iCAT Video Analytics offers highly reliable and directional people and object counting.

The innovative Smart Tripwire Technology with a self learning component delivers exceptionally accurate results even in challenging lighting situations, prevents wrong and double counting and detects objects moving in the wrong direction.

For optimal results, NETAVIS recommends mounting the camera in a downward looking fashion, ideally at a height of 4-5 meters.

To configure people or object counting, create an object tracking region first. Secondly, select 'object crosses tripwire' as event trigger. After that, simply draw the tripwire line with the mouse in the preview pane.


09-ObjectCounting 1000px

 Smart Tripwire  

Only objects that are detected in the green area first and then cross the red line will be counted. Objects that move out of the green area and over the tripwire twice are only counted once. Objects that first come from the other side and then turn around when they are in the green area and cross the tripwire again from the "right" side are not counted at all. This way, Smart Tripwire prevents wrong and double counting in most instances.

By creating two different tripwires with opposite green areas, iCAT counts incoming and outgoing people or objects with a single camera. Configuring additional criteria like minimum size or speed will improve the accuracy even further.


You'll find a detailed set-up instruction with many practical examples and the most common pitfalls in the iCAT People Counting White Paper.
A one-page overview is provided in the iCAT People Counting Cheat Sheet.

Please contact the support team in case of further questions.