iCAT Definitions as sMart Sensors

With multiple iCAT definitions it is possible to collect different video analytics data sets simultaneously from a single camera with a
single iCAT license. 

For instance, an overhead camera counts passing pedestrians as well as incoming customers with one iCAT Smart Tripwire each.

sMart Data Warehouse processes these two data sets and visualizes the information as intuitive charts. This way, one iCAT license turns into two (or more) sMart sensors.


Frequency Bar with Details Days-pW narrow EN

If desired, sMart Data Warehouse also contextualizes the data. In our example, the frequency of incoming customers and the frequency
of passing pedestrians can represent a key performance indicator: the turn in rate.

Turn-in Bar Days-pW  


All these key figures are visible at a glance in user-specific dashboards and periodic reports. sMart Data Analytics allows easy comparison across timeframes or between different locations, as well as an in-depth look at all data stored in the data warehouse.

The sMart Data Warehouse 1.2 Highlights provide a more detailed overview about the different features of sMart.

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