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NETAVIS Observer 4.6 is now out in its sixth version 4.6.6! With an innovative set of seamlessly integrated iCAT video analytics enhancements and features, as well as new video management features, Observer 4.6 offers new highlights in addition to all previous functionalities. Among them are the enhancement of the integrated Number Plate Recognition with simple list management, the Rule Administration and I/O Graphical Device Administration for easy integration and solving of many scenarios, iCAT Heat Maps enhancements for automatic data reset and normalization across all cameras and iCAT Video Analytics enhancements wich allow for improvements of People Counting and iCAT Traffic. The focus on the latest release was the expanxion of the feature Rule Administration, as well new countries for iCAT Number Plate Recognition. Scroll down for more details!

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Integrated Number Plate Recognition with simple, yet powerful NPR list management

The new video analytics module iCAT Number Plate Recognition provides NPR that is tightly integrated with the rest of NETAVIS Observer. It can be configured as easily as other iCAT analytics modules and supports plates from numerous countries, including all of Europe, the Arabian Peninsula (also with Arabic characters), North Africa, Southeast Asia, and others.

Additionally, the simple yet powerful NPR list management enables a broad set of applications including search and filter options for NPR related video sequences and statistics data. Combined with the new rule administration and graphical I/O device administration, setting up systems for use in vehicle entry, parking, and free flow scenarios is now simpler than ever before.

Please see our product sheet for further information. 

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Combining triggers with actions for solving many video surveillance and video analytics scenarios

The new rule administration enables the simple configuration of a wide range of actions which are triggered by specific events. For example, the permanent recording of cameras can be started once an alarm system is activated or a barrier can be opened upon the detection of certain number plates. In a different scenario, an e-mail is automatically sent to an operator in case the connection of a camera was lost, or an object stopping inside a defined field automatically triggers a PTZ camera to a pre-defined position and zoom-level for identification. The rule administration is an extensible system which will be expanded continuously in future releases.

Device Administration 


Configuring I/O devices within the Observer user interface

Adding I/O contacts from a broad set of supported cameras and I/O devices has been significantly simplified and improved with a new graphical I/O device configuration. With most devices adding them to a NETAVIS Observer system is now as easy as selecting the model and entering its IP address, port, user, and password.


Automatic data reset and normalization across all cameras

NETAVIS iCAT generates heat maps for four different types of analytics data: amount of moving objects, speed of moving objects, amount of stopping objects and the stopping time. To facilitate and improve them, an option for manual reset as well as automatically resetting heat map data on a daily, weekly or monthly basis was added. Combined with an option for normalizing heat maps, comparisons across different cameras and even servers are now facilitated. Moreover, it is now easier to follow heat map trends over time in the Archive Player.

iCAT Heat Maps

01-PeopleCounter 400px 


Various improved algorithms and extended configuration options

The iCAT Video Analytics selflearning component for overhead counting was improved for large groups of people. This provides a higher accuracy of people counting results in high density environments. New iCAT object tracking region options for better tracking results in selected scenarios of perimeter security and people counting are available now. Additionally, it is easier to display iCAT information in the Online Monitor and Archive Player for single view ports and complete views.

The module iCAT Traffic was adapted and is suitable for tunnel scenarios since Observer 4.6. Also the module iCAT Face Detection now performs with enhanced tracking algorithms for better results in age group and gender estimations.



Optimizations for projects with multiple sites and large amounts of cameras

Observer 4.6 comes with optimized performance and stability for distributed systems with over hundred camera servers and realizes a reduced client startup time for such large installations. Client performance as well as the handling of archive exports are adapted and improved, especially for weak and instable network environments. Additionally, the NFS handling for external storages was improved and the BARCO video wall controller in combination with Siemens SUT50 control board is now integrated.

NETAVIS Edition Architecture Enterprise EN


Enhanced user management options for administrators

All of the aforementioned new functionalities can of course be enabled and disabled for users and user groups. 
Additionally a number of previously available features such as client configuration options or log file download can now be controlled more granularly as well. Overall more than a dozen new privileges were added to the user management.


Operating system and IT security standards

HTTPS communication is improved by only allowing strong, state-of-the-art ciphers like TLS for enhanced IT security. Observer 4.6 bundled is delivered including a new version of the professional server operating system CentOS 6.6 for free. Both, bundled and unbundled versions support 64-bit server hardware and are continuously
improved towards the latest IT security standards.

For a comprehensive list of all available features of the powerful software for video surveillance and video analytics please see the Observer 4.6 Full Feature List. For more information please contact our sales team.





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