NETAVIS interacts with AXIS Network Video Door Station

With the I/O Devide Administration available from NETAVIS Observer 4.6, adding I/O contacts from a broad set of
supported cameras and I/O devices is significantly simplified. Also the AXIS Network Video Door Station, a solution
for bidirectional communication, identification and remote access control, can easily be integrated to NETAVIS
Observer via its 4 I/O ports.

Axis door station

The feature Rule Administration then enables the easy configuration of a range of actions which are triggered by specific
events. As an example, ringing the Video Door Station can be set as a trigger, while both the automatic activation of
bidirectional audio as well as a large-view pop up of the according video stream at the operator's monitor can be defined
as actions. For sole Motion Detection without bell ringing, only the large-view pop up could be set as action for example.

axis logo rgb After the successful identification of the visitor, the door can be opened remotely by simply clicking a button in the NETAVIS Layout Navigation Tool which had been defined for this reason before. With the impulse function, additional criteria like opening the door for only 5 seconds can be configurated as well.

Video and access control management are growing more and more tight, NETAVIS is at the edge of this development.
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The New Orange Is Back

It is a pleasure to announce the latest release of the Netavis Platform for Security and Business, Netavis Observer 5.0! 

The software update focuses on comprehensive improvements on the system security and operations level. Observer 5.0 features higher face detection accuracy and simplified system installation. Moreover this update provides certified ONVIF Profile S comliance as well as H.265 support for selected camera models and RTSP streams. Scroll down for more details!

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