NETAVIS Observer Life Cycle

We have expanded the NETAVIS Observer Life Cycle to include information about how long support is available for each NETAVIS
Software version.

As per the diagram below we generally provide support for our current version of NETAVIS Observer as well as for the prior
two version
s. At the moment this means, the current NETAVIS Observer 4.6 as well as the old versions 4.5 and 4.4 are supported.
For older versions there is no general support available. Upon the release of NETAVIS Observer 4.7 we will stop providing general
support for NETAVIS Observer 4.4.

The best way to ensure that your NETAVIS Observer systems are within the supported range is to sign up for software assurance!
It entitles customers to update an existing NETAVIS Observer system to the newest software version whenever necessary 
whilst the contract is valid, and only costs about a third of the regular single update.



 For any questions, please contact our sales or support team.