Enhanced compliance and IT security

NETAVIS Software is known for its compliance with IT standards as well as security and privacy requirements.
Nonetheless, our developers are constantly working on improving security and compliance aspects.

With the latest release for example, NETAVIS Observer 4.6.5, the user password length was increased to 32 characters and overall security was improved due to an update of the glibc library. For better protection of the privacy and integrity of the data, the Observer feature Video4Web now supports HTTPS.


Please contact our sales or support team for further information on IT security measures.

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NETAVIS Observer 4.8.1 - OUT NOW!

NETAVIS Observer 4.8 is now out in its second version 4.8.1. With an innovative set of video management and video analytics enhancements and features, Observer 4.8 offers new highlights in addition to all previous functionalities. Among them are the new Mobile Client for access of multi-camera live views and archive recordings on all mobile devices, an extension of the license less mode, as well as the integration of Hella 3D sensors for high accuracy counting for complex safety and business applications. The new Zone Monitoring and Queue Length Detection allows users to improve business process by monitoring zones and detecting queues. Scroll down for more details!

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