Enhanced compliance and IT security

NETAVIS Software is known for its compliance with IT standards as well as security and privacy requirements.
Nonetheless, our developers are constantly working on improving security and compliance aspects.

With the latest release for example, NETAVIS Observer 4.6.5, the user password length was increased to 32 characters and overall security was improved due to an update of the glibc library. For better protection of the privacy and integrity of the data, the Observer feature Video4Web now supports HTTPS.


Please contact our sales or support team for further information on IT security measures.

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sMart Data Warehouse 5.1 - OUT NOW!

It is our pleasure to announce the latest release of Netavis sMart Data Warehouse! 

The newest update includes an improved missing data detection notification, the newly added Generic File Import Format documentation, and multiple bugfixes.

Netavis sMart Data Warehouse collects and stores data from diverse data sources, including iCAT Video Analytics, and transforms it into key performance indicators. At a glance, each user is provided with user-specifically tailored information for sound decision-making. All data can easily be compared and analyzed for deeper business intelligence. Flexible system operations and diverse customization options make sMart adaptable to various customer needs.

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