NETAVIS Observer 4.6.6 - the improvements

In this article, we would like to introduce you to the improvements that come with the latest release of the NETAVIS Platform for Security and Business, NETAVIS Observer 4.6.6! 

NETAVIS Observer 4.6.6 includes various security fixes due to updated system components. Updating to the latest software version is recommended. NETAVIS therefore provides the NETAVIS Software Assurance Agreement. It entitles a customer to update an existing Observer system to the newest software version whenever necessary whilst the contract is valid, and costs only a third of a regular single update. Please contact your partner manager for further inquiries regarding this topic.

04a-NumberPlateRecognition 1000px  

With Observer 4.6.6 NETAVIS also introduced various improvements for iCAT Number Plate Recognition

  • It is now possible to add a tolerance of 1 or 2 characters for number plates to match
    e.g. white- or blacklists.
  • Furthermore, suppression of duplicated number plate events in case of long idling cars was introduced. Thus, plates of cars staying (e.g. stop and go) inside the detection field, are not re-reported within the specified amount of seconds.
  • In order to improve accuracy, the minimal plate length is now set to 4 as default.


NETAVIS continuously works on improving system stability and performance for large installations with many cameras even further. The latest release includes improved camera and memory handling, as well as a faster shutdown of services.


Furthermore, the NETAVIS Client for Smartphone & Tablet now supports the iOS 10 browser.

You can download NETAVIS Observer 4.6.6 here. Our sales team is happy to provide you with more information, please contact

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The New Orange Is Back

It is a pleasure to announce the latest release of the Netavis Platform for Security and Business, Netavis Observer 5.0! 

The software update focuses on comprehensive improvements on the system security and operations level. Observer 5.0 features higher face detection accuracy and simplified system installation. Moreover this update provides certified ONVIF Profile S comliance as well as H.265 support for selected camera models and RTSP streams. Scroll down for more details!

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