NETAVIS Observer Winter Rally - 50% off Observer!

In a time-limited promotion, NETAVIS Software offers an investment bonus of 50% off NETAVIS Observer Video Management licenses when purchasing them together with a 3 years Software Assurance Agreement

The NETAVIS Software Assurance Agreement entitles the customer to update an existing Observer system to the newest software version whenever necessary during the valid contract period. This way, your customer is assured the benefit of newly developed Observer Video Management and iCAT Video Analytics features, the use of the latest camera models as well as the most up-to-date platform and operating system at all times.

Push NETAVIS Observer by offering halved acquisition costs and future system security
due to 3 years of update rights!

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The following three options allow your customer to receive NETAVIS Observer Video Management for half the price:



This time limited offer is valid from October 10th, 2017 to January 31st, 2018

NETAVIS iCAT Video Analytics licenses and sMart Data Warehouse fees are not subject of this time limited offer and remain available according to the current NETAVIS End User Price List.

Any upgrade or extension outside the promotion period is not subject of this time limited offer.

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