Orange Is The New Orange 5.0

It is a pleasure to announce the latest release of the Netavis Platform for Security and Business, Netavis Observer 5.0! 

The software update focuses on comprehensive improvements on the system security and operations level. Observer 5.0 features higher face detection accuracy and simplified system installation. Moreover this update provides certified ONVIF Profile S comliance as well as H.265 support for selected camera models and RTSP streams. Scroll down for more details!

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Enhancing compliance

Observer 5.0 now features certified ONVIF Profile S compliance with increased number of supported camera vendors and models. The camera configuration has been turned into a wizard to facilitate camera management with ONVIF Profile S devices as well as natively integrated models. It is now also possible to document the responsible data protection officer and approved application of each camera in the system in order to facilitate GDPR compliance.


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Providing support for selected camera models and RTSP 

All currently available Axis models with H.265 capabilities (M2026-LE, M3106-L MKII, M3106-LVE MKII, M3106-L), cameras by Vantage Security, and cameras configured via the Generic RTSP Driver can now be used with the H.265 codec.  In comparison to H.264 the newer codec provides significant savings in terms of bandwidth and storage requirements.


Improving accuracy

The iCAT Face Detection engine got a significant update and consequently now provides higher detection accuracy, especially in regard to avoiding multiple detections of the same person. Moreover, now it is also possible to calculate the dwell and attention time of customers. All this data is highly useful for digital signage applications.

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Update to CentOS 7.5

Netavis Observer 5.0 is based on the updated bundled CentOS 7.5 operating system. This version provides enhanced compliance with UEFI and many hardware components. Moreover, the system installation has been simplified and is now available in the form of a graphical installation wizard.



Further improvements

IT security has been a particular emphasis of Netavis Observer 5.0 development. The license management functionalities introduce new flexibility for the management of large and distributed systems with a single license server. The Rule Administration feature in the client also received new capabilities in the form of the “Show window” and “Show view” actions.  Other minor improvements in Netavis Observer 5.0 include the addition of an arrow indicating the direction of counting for iCAT tripwires, a new system event warning when the configured recording period cannot be reached due to storage limitations and the addition of PTZ privileges to user groups now allows their configuration for Active Directory users.

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For more information please read our Observer Productsheet 5.0 or for a comprehensive list of all available features please check the Observer 5.0 Full Feature List. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact contact us at





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