NETAVIS Observer 4.4.8

With the release of NETAVIS Observer 4.4 the context menu in the Online Monitor was enhanced by two features. One enables users to send PTZ cameras to predefined PTZ positions by selecting from the list at the top of the context menu (right click in view port of activated PTZ control camera, see left screenshot). The other one allows for direct archive access of the particular camera. By selecting the particular option the Archive Player replays the previous 10 minutes, 1 hour, 24 hours or 1 week immediately (see screenshot on the right). Both features improve the operator handling in case fast decisions are to be made.



NETAVIS Observer 4.4.8 includes the professional server operating system CentOS 6.4 for free. The upgrade from CentOS 6.2 improves compliance with the latest server hardware. Last not least many video sources have been integrated. Also Dallmeier IP cameras, which provide streams on specific RTSP URLs, are integrated from now on for H.264 as well as for MJPEG.