NETAVIS Observer 4.5 - OUT NOW!

NETAVIS Observer 4.5 is out now in its fourth version 4.5.3! With many new video management features and an innovative set of seamlessly integrated iCAT traffic video analytics, this release offers new highlights in addition to all previous functionalities. Among them are the picture in picture archive access within the online monitor, a versatile live stream embedding in websites, an archive efficiency feature for improved utilisation of storage capacity, a generic RTSP driver enabling video streaming for many non-integrated cameras, a visual camera status overview and many more.

Observer 4.5 Highlights


Viewing event recordings within the Online Monitor

The use of dynamic views triggered by iCAT and motion detection events was significantly simplified by the addition of a new configuration menu. Combined with the dynamic view control feature, archive access within the Online Monitor view ports now allows operators to quickly view event-triggered recordings without having to switch to the archive. They are therefore able to keep an eye on live camera-streams while reviewing critical events. This feature is included in every NETAVIS Observer edition.

Archive Access from Online Monitor

Displaying camera’s live video streams in browsers for embedding into websites

Video4Web replaces Snapplet with a significantly more versatile solution for embedding cameras’ live video streams in websites. It supports full screen mode, doesn’t require having Java installed and works with desktop as well as mobile browsers and even old versions of Internet Explorer without MJPEG support. This client module is optionally available for NETAVIS Observer Basic, eXtended and Enterprise editions. 


Traffic Monitoring, Stopped Vehicle Detection, Wrong Way Detection

iCAT Traffic is the innovative module which extends the outstanding NETAVIS iCAT video analytics solution for traffic surveillance. It detects traffic state changes, stopped vehicles and wrong way drivers on expressways and highways and astounds with self learning effects. Its reliable analytics algorithms combined with an easy-to-configure interface are a powerful combination to analyze traffic and detect dangerous situations. This new iCAT module is optionally available for NETAVIS Enterprise edition.

traffic wrong way night 


Keeping event-triggered recordings longer than permanent recordings

The archive efficiency feature allows for storing event-triggered recordings (including pre- and post-alarm periods) longer than permanent recordings. Recordings without events can therefore be automatically deleted after a shorter period of time which results in improved storage efficiency. This feature is included in every NETAVIS Observer edition.


Quickly assessing cameras’ status and configurations

The newly added camera status enables users to quickly see whether all cameras in their system are running normally. Issues such as a camera being unreachable are indicated by a red icon. An overlay provides additional information about each camera and its status and configuration. This feature is included in every NETAVIS Observer edition.

camera-tree one-cam-offline-overlay 
 Active Directory users

New login options, large installation support

The integration of Active Directory has been expanded to allow for more login options. Additionally the setup was improved to work more efficiently with complex and large-scale Active Directory environments. This module is optionally available for NETAVIS Observer eXtended edition and included in every NETAVIS Observer Enterprise edition.


Enabling video streaming for many non-integrated cameras

The generic RTSP driver enables MJPEG, H.264, and MPEG-4 streaming for many cameras whose drivers are not integrated in NETAVIS Observer. It is necessary that the camera makes these streams available via RTSP and that the configuration (stream resolution, fps, etc.) is done in the camera itself. This feature is included in every NETAVIS Observer edition.


Integration for monitoring NETAVIS Observer systems

SNMP support in Observer has been enhanced so a broad variety of operating system and application events can be communicated to monitoring systems. Thereby failures such as camera malfunctions can be detected and addressed even faster. Also events such as iCAT detections can be forwarded accordingly. This module is optionally available for NETAVIS Observer eXtended and Enterprise edition.


Controlling Observer with the jog dial, keypad, and joystick

The AXIS T8310 Video Surveillance Control Board has been integrated into NETAVIS Observer 4.5. Many functions of the Online Monitor or Archive such as navigation between views, PTZ control, and archive playback can be controlled with the jog dial, keypad, and joystick.

 AXIS TT8310
Additionally to all video sources integrated in previous versions, the current release also inlcudes camera models from the vendors ACTi, Axis, Bosch, Canon, D-Link, JVC, Panasonic, Samsung, Siqura and Sony.                             

For more information please consult our Supported Video Sources List.


Miscellaneous improvements and additions since NETAVIS Observer 4.4

▶ Improved browser compatibility an HTTPS support of Client for Smartphone & Tablet
▶ Copying views between users with multiple windows
▶ Enhanced event acknowledgements include event classification and comment
▶ Configurable event highlight colors for iCAT events
▶ Duplication of iCAT definitions
▶ Read-only iCAT definitions
▶ Full screen mode for the Online Monitor
▶ Single-sign on for Layout Navigation Web Start
▶ Drag and drop camera assignment from Layout Navigation to Observer
▶ Improved Software-RAID
▶ Configurable pre- and post-alarm time for event-based mass export and go-to-archive player


Two video analytic features of the module NETAVIS iCAT Video Analytics are not supported any more starting with this release: iCAT Removed Object and iCAT Abandoned Object. The tasks of these features can be realized by other iCAT algorithms. For further information about this please contact our technical support.


For a comprehensive list of all available features of the powerful software for video surveillance and video analytics please see the Observer 4.5 Full Feature List. For more information please contact our sales team.



The New Orange Is Back

It is a pleasure to announce the latest release of the Netavis Platform for Security and Business, Netavis Observer 5.0! 

The software update focuses on comprehensive improvements on the system security and operations level. Observer 5.0 features higher face detection accuracy and simplified system installation. Moreover this update provides certified ONVIF Profile S comliance as well as H.265 support for selected camera models and RTSP streams. Scroll down for more details!

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