NETAVIS improves customer service at Hotel Dubrovnik

By facilitating the everyday work-load, speeding up business procedures and ultimately improving customer service,
NETAVIS Observer delivers real business value to this four star hotel in Zagreb..


The advantages of the Linux-based technology were one of the main reasons for Hotel Dubrovnik to choose NETAVIS Observer.

Besides the security of hotel guests and their property, NETAVIs Observer also improved the access management at the
remote parking facilites. By Motion Detection, cars approaching the entrance gate trigger a sound as well as the large view
of the camera stream at the reception. The receptionist can then open the gate even before the intercom is used.

Discreet cameras in the restaurant and con-ference rooms allow waiters and chefs to monitor the progress of conferences and
time their tasks accordingly. This provides an atmosphere of a smooth and effortless flow of events. Ideal camera positioning,
features like archive encryption and data access restrictions by the four-eyes principle ensure the privacy of hotel guests.

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