NETAVIS Video Analytics Award Winner 2016 - Karall & Matausch

We congratulate our integration partner Karall & Matausch GmbH, who impressively showed the full potential of all three components of the NETAVIS platform, Observer Video Management, iCAT Video Analytics and sMart Data Warehouse with this all-in-one solution. 

The existing analogue and proprietary CCTV infrastructure of the Shopping Center was replaced and a total of 250 IP cameras, including 23 dedicated cameras for People Counting. In the Shopping Centre's security office, operators monitor the happenings indoors and outdoors live on 3 monitors, the NETAVIS Layout Navigation Tool allows easy locating of incidents. The end customer highly appreciates the cost efficient NETAVIS Observer as powerful platform for security and business that merges various technologies on standard IT components.

NETAVIS iCAT NPR CarReader Number Plate Recognition detects the country of origin as well as the district of origin in Austria of all incoming cars for customer segmentation.

NETAVIS sMart Data Warehouse merges and visualizes the data of the previously existing induction loops with data of iCAT People Counting and NETAVIS NPR results. The cloud solution of sMart allows the Shopping Centre's management online access to all NPR origin frequency as well as customer frequency reports, user rights for distinct accessibility ensure data security. Additionally, the customer receives periodical PDF reports via email. 

With this installation, both the detection rate of license plates as well as the accuracy of customer frequency statistics are now significantly higher than before and sMart Data Warehouse creates specific business value for the customer by showing exactly those key performance indicators that are of most value to the management.

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