Netavis sMart Data Warehouse collects and stores data from diverse data sources, including iCAT Video Analytics, and transforms it into key performance indicators. At a glance, each user is provided with user-specifically tailored information for sound decision-making. All data can easily be compared and analyzed for deeper business intelligence. Flexible system operations and diverse customization options make sMart adaptable to various customer needs.

Individually created dashboards provide user specific information at a glance while scheduled and password protected PDF reports deliver the required key performance indicators and charts conveniently into the decision makers' inboxes. For business analysts sMart Data Analytics offers versatile options to analyze and compare all available data in detail. In addition, sMart Data Warehouse serves as information source for big data applications. 


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Deployment Options

sMart Data Warehouse is available in two different options:

sMart Data Warehouse  

is hosted on your organization’s IT infrastructure. Due to incomparable compliance, sMart can run on the hardware of your choice. Upon request, sMart is even hosted on the same server that hosts the video management platform Netavis Observer with seamlessly integrated iCAT Video Analytics. This way, confidential data stays under tight control of a company's IT department.

sMart Data Warehouse as a Service

is hosted in the cloud, whereby the data is regularly uploaded via a secure connection. Therefore, the customer can access the dashboard and the reports as well as carry out specific data analysis at any time and from anywhere, without having to care about the operation or maintenance of suitable server hardware and infrastructure.


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Data Import and Operations

Data from integrated data sources is easily imported automatically or manually, as multiple CSV and JSON types are supported. The flexible backup feature allows for manual and automated backups, as well as backup uploads to remote servers. The system log shows relevant system events (e.g. license expiration or corrupt files) and can notify users via e-mail. sMart can furthermore support strict data protection policies and data confidentiality. Role and user rights management ensure controlled and individualized data access.


Data Sources

The following data sources are currently integrated in sMart:

  • Netavis iCAT Video Analytics
  • Netavis iCAT NPR CarReader
  • Frequency upload via .csv & JSON
  • Hella 3D (APS-90, APS-180)
  • Novatec 
  • Telsec
  • Vivotek 3D (SC8131)
  • Xovis 3D sensors


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