Service Agreements

Software Assurance

NETAVIS Software offers three Service Agreements. The fundamental level is the Software Assurance Agreement. It entitles customers to update an existing NETAVIS Observer system to new versions of Observer software within the agreed time period. The agreement is available for 1 year and 3 years, whereas installations with the NETAVIS Observer Enterprise Editions can be covered by a 5 year Software Assurance.

The Software Assurance Agreements are available only with the purchase of new licenses or within one year after license purchase date. For installations that are not covered with a Software Assurance, a single software update can be obtained at the cost of an Update fee. Please contact our sales team for detailed information on the advantages of a Software Assurance compared to the regular Update fee.

Software Support Service Basic

The Software Support Service Basic includes the following services:

Software Support Service Premium

The Software Support Service Premium includes the following services:


Please contact our sales team for further information.