iCAT Video Analytics

Netavis iCAT Video Analytics is a powerful and easy-to-configure module for advanced video usage like perimeter security, people counting and heat maps. It includes object detection and tracking mechanisms that are tightly integrated with the event management system of Netavis Observer. iCAT information can also easily be displayed in the Online Monitor and Archive Player for single view ports and complete views. The collected data can furthermore be processed into vital frequency statistics and behaviour analysis by Netavis sMart Data Warehouse. As all iCAT modules, the iCAT Video Analytics module is seamlessly integrated in every Netavis Observer system and activated simply by change of license key.

Smart Tripwire

For counting statistics a Tripwire is used, which always counts when it is crossed by moving objects. Usually, error rates are high, so Netavis developed Smart Tripwire to prevent wrong counting. It is designed to provide reliable statistics, even in complex environments. It prevents double counting of the same person by a complex algorithm, includes a self-learning component and also detects the direction of the object in the video stream. A variety of object tracking region options allow for better tracking results, and the component for overhead counting improves counting even of large groups of people. This technology improves People Counting, Perimeter Security and many other scenarios.

                                            01-PeopleCounter 400px
VCA Visual Statistics Heat Map                        

iCAT Heat Maps

Netavis iCAT can generate statistics from four different types of analytics data: amount of moving objects, speed of moving objects, amount of stopping objects and the stopping time. With the feature Heat Maps, all those statistics are easily visualized as colored overlays on camera images, which help to quickly identify areas with a high amount of relevant activities. An option for manual reset combined with an option for normalizing heat maps significantly facilitates comparisons across different cameras and even servers. Moreover, heat maps trends can easily be followed over time in the Archive Player.


Stopped Object Detection

Netavis iCAT detects moving objects, which stopped in a defined area of a video stream. The detection triggers an alarm, depending on the configuration of the system this can also result in the generation of an SMS or eMail notification.

Dynamic Privacy Mask

Dynamic Privacy Mask expands upon the original Netavis Privacy Mask to provide dynamic privacy protection for customers and employees. Within a freely definable area all moving objects and people are detected and dynamically covered with a mask. Of course, this Dynamic Privacy Mask can also be scheduled to be active only during certain times of the day or be deactivated manually, e.g. via a panic button in case of an incident.
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13-RedLightDetection 1000px

Red Light Violation

Observer 4.7 adds a new iCAT Video Analytics feature for traffic and transportation applications: Red Light Violation. It can detect when cars drive across a crossing, despite the traffic light having switched to red already. This feature allows municipalities and companies with large premises to reliably detect and fine traffic violators.


iCAT Sabotage Detection

Netavis iCAT Sabotage Detection can recognize three types of camera sabotage: defocusing a camera, covering a camera, and moving a camera. In all three cases events are generated to notify users of the sabotage or send an alarm. 
                   05-CameraSabotageDetection 400px


02-FaceDetection 400px                      

iCAT Face Detection

Netavis iCAT Face Detection can detect and count faces in a video stream. Additionally it can also provide an age group and gender estimation for each detected face. The resulting data can be made available to other systems for further processing and analysis.



iCAT Traffic

Netavis iCAT Traffic is a module which extends Observer with three applications to analyze traffic and detect dangerous situations on highways, even in tunnel scenarios. Stopped Vehicle Detection results in an alert in case a vehicle stops on a road, an emergency lane or an exit lane, so traffic monitoring operators can react accordingly. Traffic Monitoring assesses the speed and density of road traffic. It can thereby detect traffic jams, low traffic, and other traffic patterns and alert responsible monitoring centers accordingly. Wrong Way Detection results in an alert if a car is going into the wrong direction on a normal road or special segments such as an exit lane. These alerts can then be handled by operators to warn other drivers of the dangerous situation. 



06-TrafficMonitoring 400px  07-Geisterfahrer 400px  08-StehendesFahrzeug 400px




04a-NumberPlateRecognition 400px

iCAT Number Plate Recognition

iCAT Number Plate Recognition provides NPR that is tightly integrated with the rest of NETAVIS Observer. It can be configured as easily as other iCAT analytics modules and supports plates from over 60 countries, including all of Europe, Russia and the Arabian Peninsula. Additionally, the simple yet powerful NPR list management enables a broad set of applications including search and filter options for NPR related video sequences and statistics data. Combined with rule administration and graphical I/O device administration, setting up systems for use in vehicle entry, parking, and free flow scenarios is simpler than ever before. Please read more here.


The module Netavis CarReader on the other hand is perfectly suitable for scenarios that demand the integration of complex parking systems like transponder chip solutions or other specific applications. Please contact our sales team for further information.