NETAVIS iCAT Heat Map included with Observer

The NETAVIS Platform for Security and Business provides precise video analytics as an integrative component of the open video
management platform with a cutting-edge data warehouse for results.

To underline the technological advance of its solution NETAVIS Software has recently launched the initiative iCAT Jump Start.

NETAVIS provides iCAT Video Analytics for free with Observer Video Management.

The offer also includes iCAT Heat Maps:

  NETAVIS iCAT JumpStart 400px
iCAT Heatmap Stops2  


iCAT Heat Maps generates colored overlays of video streams thus visualizes detections such as number of moved objects, speed of moved objects and number of stopping objects in a camera perspective.

The visual statistics help to quickly identify areas with a high amount of relevant activities and to monitor promotional activities or optimize store layouts.

NETAVIS Platform 1480px



sMart Data Warehouse 4.0 - OUT NOW!

It is our pleasure to announce the latest release of NETAVIS sMart Data Warehouse! 

NETAVIS sMart Data Warehouse collects and stores data from diverse data sources, including iCAT Video Analytics, and transforms it into key performance indicators. At a glance, each user is provided with user-specifically tailored information for sound decision-making. All data can easily be compared and analyzed for deeper business intelligence. Flexible system operations and diverse customization options make sMart adaptable to various customer needs.

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