Object Counting for free with iCAT Jump Start

Video analytics should be an integrative component of every video management software. NETAVIS Software pioneers this concept since more
than five years. With the initiative iCAT Jump Start, iCAT Video Analytics is now included for free with every Observer installation.

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Besides improving perimeter security, creating heat maps and providing vital customer frequency data, iCAT also offers highly accurate object counting. The complex tripwire algorithm detects the direction of objects in the video stream, includes a self-learning component and prevents double counting. This significantly improves the accuracy and solves a wide range of scenarios.

For example, by counting and comparing raw, component and end products on manufacturing lines with iCAT, factory managers can measure their production waste as well as their factory's real productive capacity. With this information, iCAT provides the basis for reduced loss and inventory shrinkage, optimized production and finally maximized output and revenue. Thus, both security and business topics are solved.   Straldja11


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Further information on the iCAT Jump Start offer is available here. Please contact our sales team for your individual inquiry.