NETAVIS iCAT Video Analytics Jump Start!

What has been a part of NETAVIS Observer Video Management for a decade is also included commercially now. In a time limited initiative, NETAVIS provides iCAT Video Analytics for free with Observer to underline the technological advance of its solution and to Jump Start the broad usage of the new product, sMart Data Warehouse.

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The following three options allow the customer to receive iCAT Video Analytics free of charge:


NETAVIS Technology Triangle  

This time limited offer is valid from February 15 to August 31, 2017

The iCAT Video Analytics licenses require to be ordered, they will not be issued automatically.

Other iCAT modules like iCAT Sabotage Detection, iCAT Face Detection, iCAT Traffic or iCAT Number Plate Recognition are not subject of this time limited offer and remain available according to the current NETAVIS End User Price List.

Prices for optional iCAT SWA contracts remain valid according to the current NETAVIS End User Price List 
and are not subject of this time limited offer. To align the iCAT SWA with an existing Observer SWA contract 
end date, only the proportional amount of iCAT SWA will be charged upon order.

Any upgrade or extension outside the promotion period is not subject of this time limited offer.


System Checklist

NETAVIS Software requires the following information about existing systems to check hardware sizing:




For easy handling of iCAT Video Analytics, please find related sources here:

For more technical papers regarding NETAVIS Observer, iCAT and sMart, please visit the documentation section of our website.

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