NETAVIS enables continuous modernization at Maresch

With its future-proof flexibility and adaptability, NETAVIS Observer enables the continuous extension of the video surveillance
system at the wood processing company Maresch, without the need to replace existing infrastructure.

Lagerplatz22 Leitstand

Not only additional cameras, storage solutions and other standard IT components can easily be integrated at any time, but also
further operating areas or even business locations.

The NETAVIS Observer user interface enables the easy adjustment of the individual stream settings per camera. Reduced
latency periods are especially important for real-time production monitoring. Therefore, the according cameras deliver their
streams in MJPEG. H.264 streams on the other hand are sufficient for physical security aspects, and reduce the needed bandwidth.

The redundant server architecture and NETAVIS Software RAID guarantee high reliability and fail-safe
performance. HTTPS Encryption of client-server and camera-server connections as well as AES Encryption of archive data create
additional data security for Maresch.

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