Discreete surveillance & privacy in therapy centre in Bosnia and Herzegovina

NETAVIS Observer protects staff and residents at the Kampus Therapeutic Community, while ensuring the patients' privacy
in a family atmosphere.

NETAVIS Success Story Kampus DE

NETAVIS Observer governs the video installation at the Kampus Therapeutic Centre for male addicts of severe psychoactive
substances in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The modern IP video surveillance system is required to help maintain control while supporting
the treatment process and ensuring the patients' privacy.

Staff members monitor the streams of 47 HD-cameras in- and outdoors, and even e.g. drugs in a visitor's hands are spotted with the
12x optical zoom. The administration is granted remote access, allowing them to manage incidents and stay in control of events when
they are away. The four-eyes principle assures privacy protection.

With NETAVIS Observer, the treatment centre owns a state-of-the-art IP video management platform that runs on standard IT.
NETAVIS Observer is known for its high performance, compliance and adaptability to customer requirements.

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