NETAVIS integrated in Air Navigation Center

NETAVIS Observer manages the video surveillance at HungaroControl in Budapest, in- and outdoors. HungaroControl provides safe
and efficient air navigation services in the Hungarian airspace, as well as training, research and development.


The NETAVIS video management platform is fully compliant with the strict aviation security regulations and integrates 
seamlessly with the existing high-security system at the aviation center. 

The project proves once again the importance of video analytics as a an integrative component of video management platforms:
while Observer solves general physical security aspects, iCAT Video Analytics’ precise triggers, scheduling options and highly developed
object tracking mechanisms provide perimeter security with only the change of the license key.

HungaroControl is also convinced by the intuitive and user friendly operation as well as high reliability and performance of
the system.

"Modules licensed per camera and adaptable configurations provide us with a flexible solution to meet all our varying requirements."
Zsolt Hámori, Security System Developer, HungaroControl 

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