NETAVIS Observer virtualised at FRITZ EGGER GmbH


The wood-working company EGGER was founded 1961 and is now running 174 factories in seven European countries. Floor coverings, structural timber, and wood derivatives for furniture industry and interior construction are sold in 23 sales offices and an international channel network. 7.200 employees and 2.2 billion EUR annual sales proof the success of EGGER.


In each of EGGERs factories a VMware ESX Cluster with external storage hosts the entire technical IT. The video management platform NETAVIS Observer is virtualized as well and centrally administrated and extended by the technical IT-Department in the headquarters in St. Johann, Austria. Starting with a NETAVIS Observer Basic license and 16 cameras, the installation consists of twelve virtualized server managing 227 cameras. The final stage is planned with 27 server and 700 cameras. Conveniently, the user management is centrally administrated as well and integrated with the organizations Active Directory. At the moment EGGER utilizes NETAVIS Observer for safety, security and production monitoring. However, video analytics modules like NETAVIS iCAT and the number plate recognition CarReader as well as the NETAVIS Client for Smartphone are in testing stage right now.

   „By choosing NETAVIS Observer we were able to consolidate and centralize our video system, which consisted of many different solutions before. Cost intense Windows server and clients are finally replaced and the amount of effort needed to deploy additional cameras is now reduced to a minimum. We expect the test results of NETAVIS CarReader Tower to be as satisfying as of other NETAVIS solutions. In that case we intend to use them on many of our plants. Manual recording of carrier number plates whilst the weighing process would be a matter of history,“ says Stefan Mölg, Technical IT Group, FRITZ EGGER GmbH.





NETAVIS Observer 4.8 - OUT NOW!

It is a pleasure to announce the latest release of the NETAVIS Platform for Security and Business, NETAVIS Observer 4.8! 

With an innovative set of video management and video analytics enhancements and features, Observer 4.8 offers new highlights in addition to all previous functionalities. Among them are the new Mobile Client for access of multi-camera live views and archive recordings on all mobile devices, an extension of the license less mode, as well as the integration of Hella 3D sensors for high accuracy counting for complex safety and business applications. The new Zone Monitoring and Queue Length Detection allows users to improve business process by monitoring zones and detecting queues. Scroll down for more details!

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