Datasheet Collection

On this page you can find a comprehensive set of documents which cover the broad range of products related to NETAVIS Observer video management, NETAVIS iCAT video analytics and more.


NETAVIS Observer – Provides a handy overview of the main functions of the open video management platform.
Observer 4.8 Highlights - Introduces the new features and modules of the latest software release of NETAVIS Observer, including a direct interface to sMart Data Warehouse. 
Observer 4.8 Full Feature List – Provides a comprehensive list of all available features of the powerful software for video surveillance and video analytics.


NETAVIS iCAT - Provides a handy overview of the seamlessly integrated, powerful video analytics module of NETAVIS Observer.
NETAVIS iCAT for Business - Provides an overview of how to apply iCAT Video Analytics for business purposes.
NETAVIS iCAT for Security - Provides an overview of how iCAT Video Analytics helps to improve the overall security.
NETAVIS iCAT NPR - Provides an overview of the seamlesssly integrated Number Plate Recognition module.
NETAVIS NPR Tower - Describes the main features of this compact hardware solution for vehicle number plate recognition.
 – Describes the main functionality of the number plate recognition and its integration with NETAVIS Observer.
NETAVIS iCAT Traffic – Provides details on the three main features of the video analytics solution of NETAVIS for highways.


sMart Data Warehouse - Introduces sMart Data Warehouse with Dashboards, Reports and Data Analytics.
sMart Data Warehouse 4.0 Highlights - Focuses on the new features of the current software release of sMart Data Warehouse. 
NETAVIS Added Value for Retail - An overview of solutions specifically for the retail sector.
NETAVIS sMart Report Heatmap - An example report for customer frequency, customer segmentation and dwell time measuring.
NETAVIS sMart Report Monthly - An example report for montly statistics about customer frequencies and customer segmentations.
NETAVIS sMart Report Weekly - An example report for weekly statistics about customer frequencies and customer segmentations.
NETAVIS sMart Report Daily - An example report for daily statistics about customer frequencies and customer segmentations.

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