Netavis Observer is the open and strong software platform for professional video management. Netavis Observer is highly compliant with CCTV- and IT-standards, has the best performance due to Linux-based technology and unrivaled adaptability to customer requirements.

Available in its 4th generation, it provides a full set of functions for video surveillance projects. Netavis Observer is available in three editions ranging from small single-server installations with professional functionalities to complex and large installations with various integrations and optional modules and interfaces.



Netavis Observer provides certified ONVIF Profile S compliance which significantly increases the number of supported camera vendors and models. The camera configuration has been streamlined and turned into a wizard to facilitate camera management with ONVIF Profile S devices as well as natively integrated models. Moreover, all currently available Axis models with H.265 capabilities, cameras by Vantage Security, and cameras configured via the Generic RTSP Driver can now be used with the H.265 codec.

Netavis iCAT video analytics provides even more value for each and every video surveillance installation. With Netavis's optional own and third party iCAT modules perimeter security, people counting, number plate recognition and much more can be realised easily without extra software, extra hardware nor extra deployment.


Live Monitoring

Netavis Observer has powerful live monitoring capabilities. These include support for an unlimited number of cameras, many static and dynamic view configurations, versatile Smart Guard round tours, bidirectional audio communication, digital zooming and PTZ control.

Event Management

Netavis Observer includes a versatile event and alarm management system. All events in the system are stored in a database for documentation and subsequent use. Alarm notifications can be 
propagated via e-mail, SMS, SNAP XML integration and I/O contacts and furthermore a programmable Event Management System is also available.


Netavis Observer supports permanent, event- and time-based recordings, including multiple different recording schedules for each camera. The archive enables fast search and playback of these recordings, separate motion detection in MJPEG recordings makes it easy to find situation of interest. Archive efficiency and storage management is included as well as the handy export in multiple formats.

Rule Administration 

Netavis Observer enables the simple configuration of a range of actions which are triggered by specific events, for solving many video surveillance and video analytics scenarios. For example the
permanent recording of cameras can be started once an alarm system is activated or a barrier can be opened upon the detection of certain number plates. The rule administration is an extensible
system which will continue to cover more scenarios in the future.