Brick-and-mortar businesses experience more and more pressure to keep up with their e-commerce competition regarding customer information. The latter seemingly knows everything about online shop visitors and their behaviour whilest almost no information is available about shoppers in physical stores. Especially when it comes to multichannel sales and marketing, extensive knowledge about in-store clients is vital.

NETAVIS contains various optional video analytics modules to obtain the much needed information. Easy-to-activate upon exchange of license key and applicable camera per camera, iCAT Video Analytics provides customer information whilst sensitive privacy regulations are met. By using surveillance infrastructure for business purposes, NETAVIS significantly increases the return on investment of security installations.

To actually improve operations and increase sales, the NETAVIS sMart Data Warehouse contextualizes video data with relevant sales and operations information and provides intuitive charts for conversion rates and other key performance indicators, user-specifically tailored for each user and the tasks at hand. Thus retail executives are empowered to actively manage conversion and optimize business operations as well as sales and marketing.

Especially for medium-sized up to international store chains, the disproportionate scale of such data often poses a challenge. Due to big data technology and MDX interfaces, NETAVIS Data Warehouse is able to provide convenient central management of unlimited subsidiaries.






NETAVIS provides highly accurate and bidirectional customer frequency monitoring. The unique Smart-Tripwire technology and self-learning components substantially reduce the error ratio. Upon request, the video analytics data is processed in NETAVIS sMart Data Warehouse and combined with relevant contextual information like weather data. Periodical PDF reports and sMart Dashboards are catering to individual requirements and provide user specific overviews at a glance. Frequency data can be displayed as graphs or as spots on maps and floor plans of a location.

  01-PeopleCounter   sMart Maps EN




Frequency Bar Hours-pD


Peak-Analysis Line Days-pW


Turn-in Bar Days-pW







NETAVIS distinguishes faces in video streams and estimates age group and gender for demographic segmentation of in-store clients. In real time, retailers receive the most important information about the customers in their shop, allowing them to address the clients dynamically via Digital Signage Integration. Geographic segmentation is realized by virtue of number plate recognition. Visualising those segments user-specifically and combining them with contextual sales and weather data in NETAVIS sMart Data Warehouse enables better customer service, enhanced product placement and improved target marketing.

02-FaceDetection 1000px




Segmentation Gender Pie Days-pW


Segmentation AgeGroup Bar Hours-pD


Segmentation Car Pie Country





NETAVIS generates heat maps of four different types of analytics data: amount of moving customers, speed of moving customers, amount of stopping customers and their stopping time in the store. With the colored overlays, retailers quickly gain valuable knowledge about customer behaviour in specific areas of their shop. Periodical comparison and comparisons across the shops or between multiple subsidiaries are crucial to monitor promotional activities or to optimize store layouts. Heat maps can be overlaid on floor plans, camera images, and other images of a location in sMart DashboardsData Analytics and Reports.


  12-PeopleInArea   NETAVIS sMart Floor Plan Heat Map EN




Behaviour Movment HeatMap


Behaviour Stops HeatMap


Behaviour Dwell-Time HeatMap





Queue Management


NETAVIS automatically detects queues of people in front of checkout counters, information desks or similar locations. Upon reaching a previously configured threshold, speaker announcements, staff prompts and other processes can be triggered to improve customer service.
  10-QueueDetection CMYK






NETAVIS sMart Data Warehouse provides scheduled PDF-reports and intuitive dashboards for vital conversion rate management and other freely definable key performance indicators. By merging video analytics data like people counting as well as age group and gender estimation with related sales data, real business value is provided. Optional integrations of POS systems as well as other data sources are available upon request.


Conversion Bar Days-pM