The security of employees, customers, visitors and goods is paramount in retail. During the transition from classical CCTV to IP video and the convergence of physical security with IT in general, flexible software solutions for video management grew even more important. NETAVIS Software is at the cutting edge of these developments. Elaborate video analytics modules for object detection including size, speed, stopping time and direction improve the overall security and provide the full potential of intelligent video surveillance.

The flexible software architecture of NETAVIS facilitates effortless growth from single camera installations up to the coverage of international store chains. Step by step extensions with video analytics modules per camera underline the future-proof design of this solution.

Unrivaled adaptability to retail requirements, privacy regulations and customer needs and the professional management of the platform make NETAVIS the best choice for retail.






NETAVIS offers professional video surveillance for central and remote monitoring of unlimited subsidiaries. While NETAVIS Observer covers all requirements of an open and flexible video management platform, NETAVIS iCAT Video Analytics modules improve the quality of surveillance significantly. Refining alarms and notifications by including parameters like object size, stopping time or wrong way detection results in much higher hit rates and fewer false alarms. Optional solutions for sabotage detection, perimeter security and more illustrate the technological advance of NETAVIS.
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From marginal damages to car accidents, incidents are equally likely to happen in narrow garages as well as on spacious parking grounds. For fast-tracked damage assessment, NETAVIS supports permanent as well as event and time-based recording, a unique time zoom function for fast archive search and motion detection in recordings. The manipulation-safe export files are widely accepted as evidence by the police and courts.






NETAVIS is highly compliant with privacy protection of customers and employees. Therefore, the full range of video analytics data is provided while an optional privacy mask covers individuals or even the whole video stream. NETAVIS Video Analytics is also independent from recording, the raw data output can also be derived whilst no video stream exists in an archive.

NETAVIS Software offers even more features to meet data protection requirements such as archive and live stream access according to the 4-eye principle (login e.g. only together with workers’ council), archive encryption or camera-server and server-client connection encryption.

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