On this page you can find a comprehensive set of documents which covers a broad range of topics and questions related to Netavis Observer, Netavis iCAT and Netavis sMart. These range from manuals for installing, configuring, and using the powerful video management platform to in-depth white papers on video analytics applications and information on how to install, update and maintain sMart Data Warehouse systems.

Observer with iCAT Documentation

Supported Video Sources - Provides detailed information on the IP camera models supported by Observer.
Server, Client and Storage Compatibility and Requirements - Explains the hardware and software requirements for Observer systems.
Observer Quick Installation - Provides a 1-page overview of the installation process.
Server Installation and Administration - Describes how to install and administrate servers in Observer systems.
Observer Quick Start Guide - Describes basic configuration of cameras, recordings, views, motion detections, and operation of the Online Monitor and Archive Player in 14 pages.
User Manual - Describes how to configure and use the Observer client.
CarReader Quick Installation Guide - Provides valuable information about the setup and configuration of CarReader together with Observer.
SNAP XML Interface – The document describes the Simple Netavis Access Protocol (SNAP) that allows bidirectional communication between an Observer server and client applications.
SNAP URL Interface – This document explains the SNAP URL command interface which is a simple and effective way for Observer to interface with 3rd party applications.

sMart Data Warehouse Documentation

Installation Guide - Describes how to install, update, and maintain sMart systems.
Configuration GuideOffers a detailed description of how to configure a sMart system in German language.
sMart Sensor Integrations - Provides detailed information on the sensors supported by sMart Data Warehouse.
sMart Generic File Import Format - Provides information on sensor-independent generic interfaces in sMart Data Warehouse.

White Papers & Cheat Sheets

Observer 5.0 Licensing Cheat Sheet - Provides a quick guide as to how to license a Netavis Observer system.
Active Directory Integration Cheat Sheet – Provides a 1-page overview of how to configure an Observer server to import users from an Active Directory (AD)/LDAP server.
iCAT People Counting White Paper
 – Explains how to set up people counting with many practical examples and addresses the most common pitfalls.
iCAT People Counting Cheat Sheet – Provides a 1-page overview for the set up of people counting.
iCAT Face Detection White Paper - Provide a guide for setting up face detection and evaluating its performance.
iCAT Face Detection Cheat Sheet - Provides a 1-page overview for the set up of face detection.
I/O Contacts White Paper – Provides a step-by-step guide for integrating I/O contacts from supported devices and using the available actions to enable a broad range of applications.
I/O Contacts Cheat Sheet – Provides a 1-page overview for the set up I/O integrations.
SNMP Support Cheat Sheet - Provides a 1-page overview for the activation of SNMP support. 
Generic RTSP Driver Cheat Sheet - Explains how to configure the Generic RTSP Driver.
Looping videos into NETAVIS Observer - A quick introduction on how to loop pre-recorded videos into NETAVIS Observer.
sMart Basic Configuration - Provides a 2-page overview of the basic configuration steps for sMart Data Warehouse.
Security Cockpit Basic Configuration- Provides an overview of the basic configuration steps for the Security Cockpit. 

 If you have any further questions not answered in the documents listed above, please do not hesitate to contact our technical support team.