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NETAVIS Observer is the open and strong software platform for professional video management. NETAVIS Observer is highly compliant with CCTV- and IT-standards, has the best performance due to Linux-based technology and unrivaled adaptability to customer requirements. Available in its 4th generation, it provides a full set of functions for video surveillance projects. NETAVIS Observer is available in four editions ranging from small single-server installations with professional functionalities to complex and large installations with various integrations and optional server and client modules.

NETAVIS iCAT Video Analytics provides even more value for each and every video surveillance installation. With NETAVIS's optional own and third party iCAT modules perimeter security, people counting, number plate recognition and much more can be realised easily without extra software, extra hardware nor extra deployment.

NETAVIS Observer Online Demo

You can launch the Online Demo of NETAVIS Observer by clicking on the banner above. Depending on your browser and specific system configuration

  1. NETAVIS Observer will be started directly, or
  2. a Java message will appear asking you whether 
    you want to start NETAVIS Observer, or
  3. the wsobserver.jnlp file will be downloaded and 
    you can manually start NETAVIS Observer by (double-)clicking on it

If you are asked for login credentials, for username and password please use: guest 

NETAVIS Observer Demo Client Download

1. Download setup file and install NETAVIS Observer client on your computer
2. Start Client - click saved Default session
3. Click Modify - change Hostname or IP address to, 
    Username to guest and Password to guest
4. Save session and Start it

Please note: The NETAVIS Observer client requires Java 6 or 7 to be installed on the computer.


You can also access the web interface of NETAVIS Observer. Among other things there you can try out the Mobile Client (with the guest / guest user), find the link to the Client for iPad app in the iTunes Store (which can also be used with the guest / guest user), and access all of the documentation.




NETAVIS sMart Data Warehouse contextualizes security and business data to provide user-specifically tailored information for each user and the tasks at hand. The professional Data Warehouse technology and elaborate interfaces transform mere data into vital key performance indicators

Individually created sMart Dashboards provide user specific information at a glance while scheduled and password protected PDF reports deliver the required key performance indicators and charts conveniently into the decision makers' inboxes. For business analysts sMart Data Analytics offers versatile options to analyze and compare all available data in detail.

NETAVIS sMart Online Demo

Please click on the banner above to launch the Online Demo of sMart Data Warehouse and enter:

  1. user: demo
  2. password: demo
For the Demo in German language, please use the user: demo_de.
The first glance is one of six pre-configured sMart Dashboards. You can change between dashboards with frequencies, customer segmentation information as well as maps and floor plans and heat maps at the top center of the page. All information is generated with dummy data since June 2016 (NPR since August 2016). By clicking the top left corner you can navigate to sMart Data Analytics to analyze and compare all available sample data. There are other ways to navigate, and we invite you to click everything of your interest and to browse your way through NETAVIS sMart Online Demo.

You'll be logged in as a user without specific administration rights, thus you have no access to the vast customization and configuration menu (in case you are interested in that, we ask you to request a demo license for one month, see Downloads). Also sMart Reports are deactivated in this Online Demo. Nevertheless, in this example demonstration full functionalities of sMart Dashboards as well as sMart Data Analytics are available to this demo user.

NETAVIS sMart Demo Download

Alternatively, you can download the software. The demo license allows you to test and use sMart Data Warehouse with 3 users and 10 sensors for 1 month.

The regular annual license allows you to use sMart Data Warehouse for the number of users and sensors according to our purchase order for 12 months and can be extended annually.

You can find all information regarding the download and licensing here

Please contact for further information.