Observer Modules




Mobile Client

The Mobile Client brings freely-definable multi-camera live views and access to archive playback to mobile devices of all sizes. The integrated transcoding ensures that H.264, MPEG-4, and MxPEG live and archive streams are also available on all browsers and platforms. The Mobile Client replaces the previously available Client for Smartphone & Tablet as well as the Client for iPad.



3D Sensor Integration

The integration of 3D sensors by HELLA Aglaia into NETAVIS Observer enables solutions for complex safety and business applications which cannot be realized with regular 2D video analytics technology. Examples are occupancy management at ticket-less events, customer frequency measurements in shops with low-ceiling heights, and zone monitoring applications (see below for details on the latter). 3D sensors can also use height information to distinguish between adults and children which can be useful information for businesses. The corresponding 3D sensor events can also be exported and processed like any other events.

                                                                                                                                                Hella model-aps-90


L LNT overview                                  

Layout Navigation

Layout Navigation is a module that facilitates navigation of camera systems and control via drag and drop and icons. The navigation is based on graphical layouts that correspond to the physical environment of the installation such as building plans, floor plans, maps and other images. With its close integration with Observer client, Layout Navigation is an ideal solution for large systems to promote good overview and control. NETAVIS Layout Navigation module is licensed per user. 



Video Wall Control

The Observer module Video Wall Control facilitates the management of video walls with up to 10 x 10 screens built from standard IT monitors which are connected to Observer client machines. Instead of having control of the own monitors only, Video Wall Control supports the flexible control of Observer views and viewports of any monitor of another client machine in the Observer system. Every client machine whose monitors should be controlled this way has to be licensed for Video Wall Control. In an example installation consisting of 5 Observer client machines, 4 of them should provide a video wall of 4x4 monitors. To manage these 16 screens from the 5th 4 "video wall client machines" are to be licensed.  
                                                                                                                                                L video wall VWCA components






Video4Web replaces Snapplet (Observer versions up to 4.4.x) with a significantly more versatile solution for embedding cameras' live video streams into standard websites. It supports full screen mode, doesn't require having Java installed and works with desktop as well as mobile browsers. Even old versions of Internet Explorer without MJPEG support are supported. One Video4Web session requires one Video4Web license. In case 100 users are watching a webpage which contains one Video4Web, they require 100 licenses. In case that the page contains 2 Video4Webs, that will require 200 licenses. Therefore, Video4Web licenses are available in packages of 10, 100, 1.000. Conditions stated in this paragraph and prices for Video4Web are valid for Snapplet (available in NETAVIS Observer up to version 4.4.x) likewise.  



ABS Bandwidth Management

Observer is also suitable for low-bandwidth environments due to its ABS Bandwidth Management module. Regardless of the camera, streaming resolution or format, it reduces and manages the bandwidth needed for transmitting video streams from server to clients to a predefined value. NETAVIS ABS Bandwidth Management module is licensed per camera.

abs small



Active Directory users



Observer integrates with Active Directory (AD) / LDAP servers and is thus suitable for complex and large-scale Active Directory environments. Users can therefore be managed within an (existing) AD/LDAP infrastructure and simply be matched to user groups with customizable rights in Observer.



Archive Encryption

Whereas the optional encryption of camera-server and server-client-connections is included in any NETAVIS Observer Edition for free, the additional module NETAVIS Archive Encryption allows for the configuration to encrypt all recordings in the archive. This means that the recordings are not watchable without the necessary encryption key, even when the hard drives are stolen. NETAVIS Archive Encryption module is licensed per server.