NETAVIS iCAT video analytics provides the customer frequency in Vienna‘s newest shopping center. The results are reported by the customized sMart Data Wa-rehouse. 

 „The customer frequency and its specific analysis in the sMart Data Warehouse al-lows for clarity regarding our customer potential.“ 



With 30.000m² retail space and 50 shops, WIEN MITTE The Mall is the largest and most modern shopping centre in the heart of Vienna. In 2012, the train sta-tion Wien Mitte, an im-portant transport hub with two underground and five railway lines as well as the City Airport Train (CAT), was directly connected to the shopping mall. 

As a result, WIEN MITTE The Mall is charac-terized by heavy customer traffic every day. Nonetheless, exact numbers regarding the customer potential haven‘t been available until now. 

The customer requests reliable and easily comprehensible footfall statistics – a key figure in retail. Moreover, they should be provided in periodic reports per entrance and floor for further use. 


Since late 2014, WIEN MITTE The Mall col-lects data about its customer potential with IP video analytics. NETAVIS Observer man-ages 18 IP cameras at building entrances and staircases on a single standard IT server. 

The seamlessly integrated iCAT Video Analytics counts all incoming people with Smart Tripwire technology. The fea-ture efficiently prevents duplicate counting by only counting people that are first de-tected in a defined detection area, and then move across the virtual tripwire line. 

At the main entrance, NETAVIS iCAT Video Analytics counts peaks of up to 2.500 peo-ple per hour with only one camera. 

By means of an encrypted FTPS upload, the frequency data is sent to the NETAVIS sMart Data Warehouse as a CSV export. Thereby, the video surveillance is exclusively used to generate business information. 


The sMart Data Warehouse was individually customized to meet the specific require-ments of WIEN MITTE The Mall. The custom-er is provided with intuitive charts as week-ly, monthly and annual reports in PDF for-mat per e-mail. The easily comprehensible graphic presentation of the footfall statistics allows for profound knowledge and under-standing of the shopping centre’s customer potential. 

The raw data is of course available on the server for export or for further detailed anal-ysis at any time. The video streams them-selves are of no interest in this project. 

Due to the flexible architecture of the NETAVIS Observer Video Management plat-form, the installation is easily scalable. Fur-ther cameras, additional video analytics modules and also the NETAVIS sMart Data Warehouse can be expanded step by step in this future-proof shopping mall solution.